Monthly Archives: May 2012

Closing the “Time-Wasting Gap”

Matt Richtel, the Pulitzer-winning technology writer for the New York Times, was a friend when we toiled together at the Oakland Tribune. Recently, despite my affection and respect for him, I’ve given him a rough time over what I’ve seen as some loosely reasoned pieces on the dangers of education technology. But his piece today, “Wasting […]

Who’s an Education Entrepreneur?

Last week, fired up by a surreal Saturday night debate on Twitter between a well-known education historian and the spokesman for the Secretary of Education, I wrote up a post on the NewSchools blog aiming to reclaim the term “education entrepreneur.” You can read it below, but it’s worth going to the NewSchools blog to […]


Earlier today, I was on the phone with a colleague when the phone went dead. I called back. “Where did I lose you?” “You lost me at ‘Hello.’” Let’s hope I don’t do the same thing here. Here’s the plan. Mostly, on this blog, I’ll offer up thoughts about ideas that move me. More often than […]