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Sleeping like a baby?

I’d viewed the phrase “sleeping like a baby” with suspicion long before we came into possession* of an actual baby. Now that we have one – who (luckily) sleeps in three and four hour stints – I’m growing even more curious about the phrase. Well, color me convinced. Today, we decided to spend an unseasonably […]

Sense of Wonder

I’m forty-six years old. Complete, overwhelming, humbling awe doesn’t happen to me very often. So the first seventeen days of our beloved baby’s life have been that much more astonishing, in that the earth has always seemed so solid beneath my feet. First, actually, it was Rachel who amazed me, with such courage and stoicism […]

From the Bad Dad handbook

Let’s say that you are snoozing on the carpet with your week-old child. And let’s say that your child wakes up and happens to mistake your prominent nose for a possible source of milk. You should: a) redirect the child’s attention to a pacifier or similarly appropriate alternative b) explain in gentle but firm language […]

Introducing Dalia Schorr

On June 19, at 12:59 in the afternoon, a fabulous miracle came into our life. Her name is Dalia. While it might seem natural to assume I have some bias in this area, I can state as a matter of categorical fact that she is the most charming, wonderful child ever in all of the […]