Half a Year of Dalia

Impossibly, our newborn is six months old. The little urchin who snorted like a hedgehog through her first day, who fit on my forearm, who slept in a little basket, who crossed her eyes and spread her arms when I carried her downstairs… She’s really, really a person now. She crawls onto the hardwood, laughs when we do (a sniffle-snort with her nose scrunched up, but it’s definitely a Jewish laugh), stands and even walks with a little help, and beams like a satchel-mouthed searchlight as a reward for walking into her room and peeking into her crib. She’s shown me a person inside me I didn’t know was there, and a lot of delicious hints of the person she’s becoming.

Here’s a quick walk down memory lane.

Day 1


One month old

Check out these eyes!

Month 2

I feel sad for people born before hoods with ears.


Daddy and I watch the rain.

Month 3

Mommy put a onesie on me that says, “Today is perfect.” And it is.

Month 4

I sat up. Mom took the best picture ever.

Month 5

At Grandma and Grandpa’s in Sacramento for Thanksgiving!




Auntie Lisa, Uncle Alex and Cousin Nora got me a toy. It’s delicious!

Just a little tune I’ve been working on. I’ll play it standing up.



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