Monthly Archives: October 2012

Help! Trying to find the most reliable graduation rate data

Hi folks, For the serious data geeks among you, some serious weekend fun. I’ve been trying to fill in what ought to be a very simple chart, with some data that you’d imagine would be straightforward, re the % of students who enter and complete college from the highest and lowest income quartiles: Lowest-income quartile […]

In praise of Angel Acevedo, washing machine impresario

  Being a bookish nice Jewish boy (not sure how many of those words are redundant), fixing a washing machine is waaay outside my areas of competency. But desperate times call for desperate measures. When the machine gave up in mid-load with an acrid smell, an impotent whirring sound, and three house guests en route, […]

Teaching and tired: Comments from the Educator’s Room

It’s been a long time since I was a teacher–long enough that there was no such thing as a blog back then. But I have not stopped having that late-August recurring dream about the first day of school, nor have I forgotten what mid-October feels like. Since I stopped teaching K-12 before blogs, I’m not […]

Cool ed tech innovations that didn’t get on the TODAY Show

I spent part of last week doing one of the oddest, and most entertaining, parts of my job: accompanying three entrepreneurial teams around New York City as part of the Innovation Challenge, which we at NewSchools run in partnership with NBC  and Citi. It’s part pitch contest, part reality show (though not in a bad […]