I don’t have the skills for a photo-driven blog (that’d be my multi-talented wife) but today’s scene on the Potomac was too remarkable not to capture. I wasn’t the only one who felt this way — lots of people were pulling their cars over to record and Instagram the moment as rain turned the choppy […]

This song came on Pandora while we were packing to leave: This is us on our honeymoon In our hotel room Sitting by the wishing well Checking out of the love motel Making plans for the sunshine state Waiting at the terminal gate You and me making history This is us Yeah, it’s hard to […]

We were a little dubious when we saw that this last leg of our trip called for a 5 hour drive… The long last leg of a trip that has taken us down almost all of the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island… But the length of the journey was relieved by a few […]

You’re traveling to NZ. You don’t need the pictures from our honeymoon, but you could use the travel resources. Here you go. (Much more and better detail on Rachel’s blog in this post and the ones that follow.) We basically made our way from the central north section of the South Island of New Zealand […]

But somehow, we ended up spending the day on the Fox Glacier. Here’s a panoramic shot that gives you a feel for how amazing it was to be on – and even in – the glacier. Because I am totally fascinated with glaciers, and because Rachel is a really good sport, we spent an amazing […]

For my birthday, we did the usual: floated on an underground river on inner tubes in the dark so we could see a galaxy of glow worms on the ceiling. We looked like this: and the glow worms looked like this* *photo credit to Kit Whelan, not us Like I say, just the usual. Guess […]

It might look like this. There’s a stanza in the song that we woke up to on the day I proposed to Rachel, and that we played at our wedding, that I couldn’t stop thinking about: You will miss sunrise If you close your eyes And that would break My heart in two