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Traveling NZ? Here are our notes.

You’re traveling to NZ. You don’t need the pictures from our honeymoon, but you could use the travel resources. Here you go. (Much more and better detail on Rachel’s blog in this post and the ones that follow.) We basically made our way from the central north section of the South Island of New Zealand […]

I swear, at the beginning, we were planning a honeymoon on a warm sunny beach…

But somehow, we ended up spending the day on the Fox Glacier. Here’s a panoramic shot that gives you a feel for how amazing it was to be on – and even in – the glacier. Because I am totally fascinated with glaciers, and because Rachel is a really good sport, we spent an amazing […]

Birthday cave, pancake rocks, and more!

For my birthday, we did the usual: floated on an underground river on inner tubes in the dark so we could see a galaxy of glow worms on the ceiling. We looked like this: and the glow worms looked like this* *photo credit to Kit Whelan, not us Like I say, just the usual. Guess […]

If you happen to wake up in New Zealand on your birthday…

It might look like this. There’s a stanza in the song that we woke up to on the day I proposed to Rachel, and that we played at our wedding, that I couldn’t stop thinking about: You will miss sunrise If you close your eyes And that would break My heart in two

Abel Tasman National Park

Another beautiful day on the northern part of the South Island. We visited Abel Tasman national Park, and took the Abel Tasman Sea shuttle to Apple Tree Bay, and then walked about two hours from there to Anchorage, where the boat picked us up again. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves… Also, I could […]

Dispatch from the Honeymoon!

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. As you might’ve heard, we got married on Sunday. It was all official when Nora signed our ketubah. We will have much better pictures when the official wedding photographers report in, but here are a few amateur ones that I took for now. One of the most beautiful parts […]

Hello from the bottom of the world!

A first dispatch from New Zealand. We flew in to Auckland, and had a mad dash with our bags to the domestic terminal… and then an hour-long flight over snow-capped volcanoes and whatnot into Nelson. Day 1, we mostly recovered from the flight, wandering town and napping. Today (that’s “tomorrow” to you folks in the […]

We got married.

What better reason to start blogging again? More from the honeymoon when we land in New Zealand!

2013: Good-bye California; hello (again) DC

There are a lot of songs about coming to California. Not a whole lot about leaving California. That’s for good reason. Over the past (gulp) 22 years, I’ve fallen in love with the Bay Area—the beauty of the hills and water, the endless hiking and mountain biking trails nearly out my back door, the mountains […]

Happy Snow Year!

Winter has treated us to some beautiful scenes–first on a quick day trip to Tahoe, and now in Jackson Hole. As always, Rachel has the full story and the much better pictures on her blog, which also features a brilliant picture of one of our unexpected Moose Encounters of the Third Kind,* but here are […]