Most beautiful drive ever: Fox Glacier to Queenstown

We were a little dubious when we saw that this last leg of our trip called for a 5 hour drive… The long last leg of a trip that has taken us down almost all of the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island…


But the length of the journey was relieved by a few episodes of This American Life and the fact that it was one of the most beautiful drives ever… in fairness, I should actually start with sunset the night before, from our hotel at Fox Glacier:


Then, we drove down the coast and then turned in land toward Queenstown. The sites along the drive were a reminder of why this lush, green mountainous land was chosen for Lord of the Rings…



Here’s Rachel checking out the valley before we made the descent into Queenstown… A very touristy place but incredibly beautiful, and home to our new favorite hotel of all time, The Dairy… (to give you a sense of how rough life is here, Rachel just said, “it’s good to nap between your scones and your dinner.”)


As per our time here, I can’t possibly have anything to Rachel’s amazing post, so read it here… Do not miss the second video, meaning to the phrase “ski bum.”

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