Birthday cave, pancake rocks, and more!

For my birthday, we did the usual: floated on an underground river on inner tubes in the dark so we could see a galaxy of glow worms on the ceiling. We looked like this:


and the glow worms looked like this*


*photo credit to Kit Whelan, not us

Like I say, just the usual. Guess that’s why they call it birthday cave. In Charleston, if you’re keeping track. Very nice tour (including a ride on a mini-train) from the nice Norwest Underworld Cave Rafting folks.

Then, today (or, as you Americans would call it, “tomorrow”): pancake rocks in Punakaiki. More fun with limestone… but truly, amazing. The waves hit the limestone, carve out passages, and then burst up through it at high tide, creating blowholes that the water steams out of, or explodes in big geysers in large waves. Images and video because words don’t do the amazement justice:






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