Dispatch from the Honeymoon!

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. As you might’ve heard, we got married on Sunday.


It was all official when Nora signed our ketubah.


We will have much better pictures when the official wedding photographers report in, but here are a few amateur ones that I took for now. One of the most beautiful parts of the wedding was the kids parade, and then here’s one of me and my new wife.



Mom treated us to a night at a hotel in San Francisco… We had a beautiful dinner and then saw a gorgeous sunrise on our second day of married life.



And then… Off to New Zealand! We flew 12 hours from San Francisco, taking off at nine at night on Tuesday… And landing at six in the morning on Thursday! The whole international dateline thing is amazing… Lucky I had my international date with me the whole time. Then we scrambled from our 747 to a little plane to make the hop from Auckland on the North Island to Nelson on the South Island.



We bummed around Nelson, took a great nap, and then went to dinner at a really terrific restaurant called Hopgoods… The duck was terrific and the wines are really lovely here. We stayed a nice B&B called Cambria House.

Friday: onto the next town, Motueka, but with a very long – and very worthwhile – sidetrip (if two hours of driving each way can be called a side trip) through gorgeous landscape – with lots of spring lambs…




20131005-090920.jpg. To a place called Wharariki on Farewell Spit, where we got to see some baby seals and baby lambs at the very same time. The cuteness threatened to make Rachel’s head explode. We learned about this from the New Zealand Frenzy guidebook – just trust me on this one.

The lush landscape, the beach, the caves… Amazing.





And finally… A long drive back to Motueka to stay at the Atholwood, which is spectacular, and the innkeepers are totally lovely.

Here’s the view out our window… Should be an prettier when the tide comes in a little more.


And check out how close we are to Antarctica! Sure doesn’t feel like it…


UPDATE: yes, now that the tide is in, it is even prettier here at the Atholwood.
Check out this panorama.


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