In praise of Angel Acevedo, washing machine impresario


Being a bookish nice Jewish boy (not sure how many of those words are redundant), fixing a washing machine is waaay outside my areas of competency. But desperate times call for desperate measures. When the machine gave up in mid-load with an acrid smell, an impotent whirring sound, and three house guests en route, I siphoned out the soapy water and turned to the Internets. They did not let me down.

Angel Acevedo (not the movie director, nor the Cuban pro wrestler, but the information-age Maytag man) came to my rescue. With literal fanfare, he showed me how to pry open the washer, remove the motor, and then reinstall it once I’d put a new gizmo on the whosamajiggie. Even if you never plan to poke your head inside the guts of your large appliances, you have to watch one of these videos for the sheer joy of watching a man doing what he does best. And sharing it with the world, thanks to a philosophy of empowerment and self-reliance:

I really believe that most home owners could repair their washers & dryers themselves, if they could get the proper instructions.  That is the reason that I put together this website.

He does ask for a donation, which, given what he saved me (new washer $700; repair visit who knows; actual cost to repair it myself, $35 in parts), I’ll be making happily.

Now, back to that load of cloth napkins, happily agitating away.

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