Why I’m supporting Jumoke Hinton-Hodge for Oakland School Board

Tomorrow night, I’m hosting a party for a personal local hero of mine, Jumoke Hinton Hodge (details at the end of this post). Jumoke is running for reelection to Oakland’s school board, in District 3 (West Oakland-Downtown). Over many years, I’ve had the opportunity to witness her fearlessness in the interest of our students, and I’m supporting her strongly in this race. Here’s why:

  1. Jumoke does what’s right for kids, even when it’s politically hard. She’s taken risks to support KIPP and other initiatives that change life trajectories in some of the city’s lowest-income neighborhoods.
  2. Jumoke is the only candidate in her race (District 3—West Oakland/Downtown) with the experience to be effective on the school board. A veteran of four years on the board, she has the knowledge and relationships to move an agenda for positive change.
  3. Jumoke is running on her record. Under her tenure, Oakland has become the most-improved urban district in California. Jumoke has supported vital initiatives including improving college access through aligned curriculum; the creation of an African-American male achievement initiative; and the adoption of restorative justice principles in the district’s disciplinary policies.
  4. Jumoke’s in this for the right reasons. A West Oakland mother with a quarter-century record as a parent activist, she’s not building  a political career. She understands from personal experience the difference that schools make to the health of our community, and she’s putting the work in to make a difference.
  5. Jumoke’s my friend. I admire her integrity and her passion. I’m proud to stand behind her.

You can find out more about her experience and positions via her website, and I hope you’ll consider making a donation to her campaign via the same link.

I’m hosting a party for her tomorrow night, 6 to 7 pm, Monday, Oct. 1. I hope you can join; if you can, please let us by RSVP on the page for this party at Jumoke’s website. I hope you’ll come and join me in supporting her.





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