Putting the ten in SepTENber

I’ve been challenged.

Right here, in the midst of a very lovely extended weekend in the Rocky Mountains with two of the most wonderful women on earth (my mom and my fiancee), I’ve been challenged.


I was quite enjoying a few day mostly unplugged–my relationship with the Internets these past couple of days have been largely limited to downloading topo maps and occasional visits to Wikipedia to settle dinner-table debates. (Sounds incredibly annoying, I know. But I swear, it’s been on request only. But speaking of things we’ve needed to look up…. how did these topo maps even come to be? … pretty fascinating… we made mapping a federal priority in 1777, and these amazing, public-domain maps began a century and a quarter ago. But that’s a whole other discussion.)


Anyway, Rachel (the fiancee) has been taking on 30-day challenges lately, and this month, she’s bringing me into it. She’s challenged me to write 10 blog posts this month, and also to drink my coffee black all month. Her challenge is to run a total of 100 miles this month. I think I get the sweet end of this deal, even without sugar. So it’s happening.

One post down. Look out, world.

(This is from our hike today. Mom is, as always, outstanding in her field.)

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